1Kilo Agency Review

We help ICO founders with raise ideas raise capital and build a community of users

1 kilo is UK based marketing agency  with  proactive sales and marketing strategies learned from the non-crypto start-up world to launch successful ICOs and token sales

If you want to launch your project you need capital and for this you need to engage your community.

1 kilo get excellent results. The service comes at a price, which is more than fair when you consider what the team do and the quality of what they deliver.

Before they take on new projects they conduct due diligence to make sure you have the right things in place to launch successfully. Then they offer a comprehensive service to handle all marketing efforts.

Services include:

  • Community management
  • Reputation Management
  • Airdrop
  • SEO
  • Bounty Management
  • Branding and PR

On the web page you can see a  list of past and current projects the team either directly managing or advising on. It consist of Cryphon, GDP, Blockbid, MFChain, Chasyr.

The team is  always on the lookout for talented community and bounty managers as well as digital marketer to add to our team.

They like to network with like minded founders and entrepreneurs.

ICOs started / advertised by 1Kilo marketing agency:

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