A Google Partner Agency and HubSpot Certified Partner Firm, Alpha Bet specializes in Advising, Strategizing, and Executing customized Marketing, Advertising & PR initiatives that are geared to suit the particular objectives of our clients. Bridging the gaps to help your ICO/ITO stand out of the crowd. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for the booming ICO market, and no one knows that better than us, and our customizable process towards each project proves just that.

Over the years, Alpha Bet, and its team, have taken chances, experimented, and worked towards fine-tuning processes and requirements according to clients’ needs, according to geographies, according to timelines and according to budgets. There’s no task too small, and there’s definitely no requirement too large. As good marketers do, we’ve pinpointed gaps in the market, according to industry, and targeted those markets for our own growth. When we say nothing’s impossible, we actually mean it.

They say you should be the one to define your brand before someone else defines it for you. When we decided one day that there’s so much more we could provide brands and companies looking for branding and marketing know-how, we created Alpha Bet. When we saw a gap in the targeting of individuals and a severe lack of personal branding capabilities, we created SaundCheck, an arm of the business to help with just that. Over the course of just a year, we’ve worked with musicians, actors, models, and solopreneurs. With the takeover of e-commerce, we saw too many businesses struggling to beat the herd, and we focused an arm of business towards a Start-Up Accelerator. And now, with the blockchain revolution we’ve created Alpha ICO to fill that gap. It’s how we work, and that’s the drive we bring to your business.

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