Bitnewt Agency Review

The leading full-service Bitcoin marketing agency

Bitnewt is a new Bitcoin-based marketing agency that is dedicated to assisting Bitcoin startups and helping traditional firms wanting to accept Bitcoin. Bitnewt is the first bitcoin marketing agency in the UK and third globally. For new companies in the Bitcoin field, getting a brand up and running and generating awareness is of the highest importance.

Bitnewt offers different services that can be customized to each client’s needs. These include:

  • Branding – Bitnewt takes a holistic approach an ensures a strong brand is in-place to generate maximum returns from marketing efforts
  • Communications – from a simple banner to a full-animation advert, Bitnewt gain clients exposure regardless of their budget size
  • Search engine optimisation – Bitnewt can help clients rank higher in search engine results pages, allowing customers to find their business with ease
  • Strategy – a big part of Bitnewt’s goal is to forge relationships with clients, part of which involves developing strategies for clients to ensure long-term success

The services each business will require will differ, and that is all handled through some evaluation and discussion on what is needed, what the goals of the business are, and how those goals are going to be achieved. This ensures that each client gets exactly what they need in order to be successful in the Bitcoin world.

Further, Bitnewt can assist businesses with implementing Bitcoin payment systems, eliminating any risk that would otherwise be present with Bitcoin and making transactions a breeze to handle

The team consists of are four current “Newts,” or marketing specialists. Working as a team, the four Newts are able to tackle any marketing task that can be thrown at them, ensuring that each and every client is handled in a professional manner and is well taken care of.

Bitnewts promises to you confidence, responsive communications, fair prices and long-term commitment.

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