Block Gemini Agency Review

Launch you ICO in a few simple steps with our end-to- end services

Block Gemini was founded in and Based in Dubai, UAE. It  is the leading Blockchain consultancy and solutions provider in the MENA region. 

Block Gemini is a company that offers solutions to blockchain start-up companies. It offers many services, such as ICO turnkey solutions, blockchain consultancies, tips about supply chains, among other services.

The goal of the company is to aid other blockchain companies in their struggle to set themselves apart from the others and be successful. Also, the company helps non-blockchain companies to start using this kind of technology to boost their business.

Block Gemini’s objective is to optimize companies by discovering in which areas they could use blockchain to be more efficient or how to improve their current use of blockchain.


Block 16 is a crypto venture studio.  It’s token launch company that offers advisory services, marketing strategies and technical blockchain solution.

The companies’ services include:

  • Token Design. The agency purpose-build solutions include token sales, coin swaps and even unique blockchains
  • Marketing Strategies. The team combines traditional ads, whitepapers and chat bots with ICO marketing channels.
  • Token Distribution. Market-making strategies and relationships with wallets and exchanges

The core team of Block16 has been working together in the blockchain space for over 5 year. For this period they create Leet and Block 16 agencies, launched a $35 million token sale. Now they are ready to offer their experience to you.

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