BountyPortals Agency Review

ICO promotion through automated bounty management.

BountyPortals is a unique bounty campaign management platform. It allows for automated tracking of social media posts.

BountyPortals service allows ICO developers to get rid of the hassle associated with the organization of Bounty campaigns. This allows project owners to focus on advertising, platform development and further promotion. This approach increases the probability of successful ICO.

The creators of the BountyPortals service are experienced participants, the largest forum to discuss any issues related to the use of cryptocurrencies. Experts have tried to eliminate all the problems associated with the creation, launch and development of Bounty-campaigns.

The system of BountyPortals has the following features: 

  • each action is checked automatically; 
  • errors of the human factor is eliminated; 
  • there is no delay in the payment of bonuses. 

In addition, mandatory online statistics monitoring is carried out. It allows you to adjust the campaign management, automatically increasing its efficiency. Users are credited with bonuses due immediately after the execution of the tasks.

ICOs started / advertised by BountyPortals marketing agency:

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