CoinFabric Agency Review

We launch ICOs from Start to Finish

CoinFabric is a full-service launchpad for ICOs. Find out how the ICO agency works today in our review.

With a global team of industry experts & partners, CoinFabric offers an A-Z solution to help companies market their offering, raise funds & establish themselves as a leading brand in the Blockchain ecosystem.

CoinFabric promises to help companies launch ICOs from start to finish. It’s a full-service launchpad for initial token offerings (ITOs) and initial coin offerings

CoinFabric’s core products and services include advising companies on overall strategy, then implementing strategies through content marketing, paid advertising, and community building. CoinFabric also offers investor and influencer outreach and other services.

To achieve those goals, CoinFabric has a team of industry experts in their respective fields, including legal experts, marketing specialists, and other advisors. CoinFabric made headlines in January 2018 for partnering with Dragon Coin and its DRG token sale, which has raised over $320 million during its ICO so far.

CoinFabric aims to help clients deal with every aspect of ICOs and ITOs, including everything from the early stages of launch and the final stages of the sale. 

The agency advertised products and services include:

Business Due Diligence:

CoinFabric conducts thorough due diligence on every company it works with, including a complete investigation into their product or technology, their team, and their tokenization system. 

ICO and Crowdsale Strategy:

CoinFabric will advise companies on their crowdsale strategy to ensure they’re best positions to achieve objectives – whether this means raising a specific amount of money or attracting ideal investors.

Content Marketing & Positioning:

CoinFabric will provide content marketing services, allowing companies to build a brand and narrative for their ICO. 

Design & Build your Brand & Crowdsale Page:

CoinFabric will help users present their ICO/ITO in a beautiful, visual form. Specific services include crowdsale page design, high-quality promotional videos, and story creation in line with your brand identity.

Marketing Strategy & Rollout:

CoinFabric’s marketing team will roll out a marketing strategy, including paid advertising on crypto-specific platforms, social media marketing, and retargeting or content distribution, among other services. 

Community Management & Building:

CoinFabric has a dedicated community management employee who will ensure your needs are locked after, which means your community amplifies and supports your ICO campaign.

Create and Audit Smart Contracts:

CoinFabric has a technical team that will create and audit smart contracts based on the specific needs of your project. 

Investor and Influencer Outreach:

CoinFabric will reach out to investors and influencers. CoinFabric’s team works hard to consistently grow its network of influencers and investors.

ICOs started / advertised by CoinFabric marketing agency:

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