Coins Marketing Agency Review

COINS MARKETING - Your Partner for FinTech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Projects

The team of Coins Marketing  strongly  believes in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They take pride in helping your project to succeed.

They are  ready to tackle any fundraising project, big or small and offer flexible package options to help. 

The service areas of the Coins Marketing are:

  • Consultation and Optimisation. The team of token sale specialists sit down with you to review and optimize the project essence, tokenomics, prospects, roadmap and milestones, incentivize strategies, pre-sale and whitelisting strategies, and the overall marketing game plan.
  • Private Sale investors connection. Pitching your project and private sale offer to institutional investors, VCs, crypto funds, private investors and co-investment channels.
  • Advisors and Key partners Matching. Whether it’s legal, tech, finance, marketing, or any vertical industry expertise that you are after, the agency can help to expand and strengthen your advisory board, by referring the right partners to you.
  • PR. Building  trust and credibility fast with their winning formula, comprised of a unique mix of high-traffic exposure from listing and review platforms, KOLs (key opinion leaders) and top-tier business and finance publications.
  • Community build-up. Partnering  with agencies’ experienced community management team to save your learning time.
  • Hyper-Targeted Advertising. The data  from previous campaigns helps you target the right keywords, platforms, placements and audiences right from the beginning, and save up to 30% of marketing dollars. Coins Marketing media buy services covered Google networks, crypto ad affiliate networks, top 30 crypto vertical platforms and social media platforms.

ICOs started / advertised by Coins Marketing marketing agency:

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