Crypto Gang Agency Review

Branding and Design to Skyrocket Your ICO. In a crowded ICO space of lookalike projects your startup has to stand out to be successful. Having a great idea alone is not enough anymore.

Crypto Gang Agency that specializes in turnkey branding for blockchain startups, including naming, messaging, brand identity, whitepaper design, website design and development, design of collateral (ppt presentation, social media banners, brochures, various distribution materials, business cards, etc.).

In the overcrowded ICO space, it is very important to position your new company and project professionally, trustworthy and be able to convey your sometimes complicated messages in a simple language to potential investors and ultimately end users. And Crypto Gang Agency team will help you to achieve that. 

Having a broad branding expertise and experience the Crypto Gang Agency are active investors into the blockchain industry themselves and give startups a competitive edge with ICO-specific branding needed to distinguish themselves among many other projects. 

One of the benefits of the Crypto Gang Agency is that payment for services taken only partially with fiat/BTC/ETH and the other part is taken in the tokens of the startup. 


TailorSwift is a young company working in blackchancery. Their task is to create convenient, simple and reliable solutions for ICO.

Tailor Swift provides advanced technical solutions for a full cycle of ICO 

They have automated the process of issuing and managing tokens, you do not need programming skills.

The service they offer:

  • Development of smart contacts
    Issue of tokens ERC20 and individual development of smart contract
  • Smart contracts audit
    Their specialists can check your smart contract for vulnerabilities and code bugs. Also, they provide an audit report with a description of the problems and proposals for their solution
  • ICO platform (investor's Cabinet)
    Transfer of funds in BTC, ETH, BCH, ZCash, DASH, Waves, XMR and other cryptoalgorithms and unloading information about the participants of the ICO and the obligations to them.
    They offer full integration with any Ethereum smart contract and not only flexible setting of funds conversion, with the ability to connect the current stock quotes
    Main advantage is that only you will have access to the collected funds.
  • Consulting
    Experts with over 5 years of experience in blockchain will explain the technical basis of crowdsale, Pre-ICO and ICO and the application of smart contracts in Your project
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