CryptoAssets is the brain behind Blockchain News,  a one-stop-shop news, education and information site for all-things blockchain. And as their LinkedIn page says, the company is headquartered in Haren, Groningen in the Netherlands and has been in existence since early 2017. In other words Cryptoassets is a collection of writers, marketers, designers, academics, investors etc.

What CryptoAssets does is to divide the job into various tasks and  what they call their services. 

They do:

  • End-to-end ICO management – everything from rock-bottom stage to its launch.
  • Token design – creating tokens of different dimensions of value for a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Marketing of the ICO – to target both the traditional platforms and crypto-communities.
  • Social media management of the crypto-based marketing campaigns.
  • Organizing and executing Bounty programs and campaigns.
  • Sorting out matters around Domicile and Legal in areas that token sales fall under regulatory frameworks.
  • ICO consultancy services.
  • Escrow services to ICOs
  • PR and communication – both mainstream media to the crypto media.
  • Cost effective pre-ICO strategies.
  • Code auditing before any token launches.
  • Whitepaper editing, interpretation, analysis, translation, etc.
  • Token Sale and ICO Questionnaire

For so short time the agency has helped raise over $250 million for over a dozen Blockchain startups via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) also known as Token Sales or Crowdsales.

ICOs started / advertised by Cryptoassets Design Group marketing agency:

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