Cryptosomniac Agency Review

Cryptosomniac is a full service digital marketing agency for ICOs and blockchain related startups

Sam Capizzi and Sneh Bhatt, who after years of researching the new technologies of digital currency, personally investing with conviction, and participating in the developing open source community, decided they wanted to create a global landscape to share their aggregated knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Their vision was formally conceived in Los Angeles, California with the incorporation of Cryptosomniac LLC in August 2017. Cryptosomniac sets itself apart by not only being one of the first to market but also supports its platform with a strong analytical foundation. Both co-founders have a background in programming and engineering from an accredited institution with collective experience in automation, software development, and corporate consulting. Our mission is to help realize the potential of blockchain technology, maximize industrial use cases, and incentive mainstream adoption. 

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