Element Group Agency Review

A full-service investment bank for the digital token capital markets

Element is a full-service investment bank for the digital token capital markets that delivers advisory, capital markets, technology and asset management services in an integrative manner.

For our clients:

  • We execute successful token sales and ICOs
  • We bridge the gap between token buyers and issuers
  • We deliver thought leadership on structuring and process
  • We support market-leading transactions with technology
  • We invest in big ideas

Token sales & advisory

Tokenized Sales and ICOs have become a revolutionary new method of "open source" funding for blockchain focused, protocol building companies.

Key full cycle services are:

  • Structuring and cryptoeconomics
  • Legal analysis, due diligence
  • Disclosure and content
  • Anchor/ Early Investor Engagement
  • Technology–Smart Contracts and Widgets Trading, Hedging, OTC, Market Making
  • Marketing/PR Full
  • Token Sale Process Management

Asset Management

In a Beta driven cryptomarket we compete on Alpha

Element manages investor and client funds on a non-discretionary basis. We invest in promising emerging protocol and dApp technologies and new, utility driven crypto-currencies. We perform proprietary, bottom-up research and in-house technical analysis.

Focus on:

  • Core Coins
  • Tokens and Protocols
  • Structural Arbitrage
  • Leveraged Lending
  • IOUs
  • Derivatives / Swaps

Element Advantage

  • People first: We know people who know people. We work to be your trusted advisor
  • Primary research: We do in-house research, analysis, and investment DD
  • Broad reach: We have partners in key markets: Mainland China, Europe, and Russia
  • Experienced team: We've done some of the leading deals in the space
  • Strong technical partners: We work with leaders in the smart contract development space and deliver custom solutions
  • In the market: We have the pulse of what investors/purchasers want

We are career long investment bankers that have seen technology and emerging markets cycles come and go. We believe in the decentralization ethos and see tokenized markets as a trillion-dollar opportunity.

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