ICOfunding Agency Review

Icofunding is an ICO facilitator.

Icofunding is  an ICO facilitator. Their goal is  to democratize crowdfunding through blockchain and like this empower creativity and entrepreneurship and promote innovation. 

Are you wondering how? 

By organizing ICOs for startups and existing companies so they can access capital and host them on our marketplace so anyone can participate in promising projects. 

ICOs have a lot of potential, that is why the team convinced that it is important to  protect this way of raising capital against bad practices. For that, they have developed Coin Governance System, which governs the raised capital by using blockchain: capital will be locked till the project reaches previous established milestones. There three key points of the system:

  • Security
  • Information
  • Community

Among their completed ICOs you can find Meal, Skyllz, Flixxo

ICOs started / advertised by ICOfunding marketing agency:

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