ICOpromo Agency Review

We will help you launch your blockchain startup

COpromo is led by founder Alexander Rugaev, an industry veteran based in Sydney, Australia.

ICOpromo claims to have “the best marketing team in the business” and to “only work with the top professionals in the space” to deliver ICO results “that always exceed our client’s expectations.

ICOpromo caters its services to a diverse range of groups, including individuals and large corporations. Clients have included some big names in the blockchain world, including Chronobank.io, TASS.fund, and SONM.io.

What kind of services do ICOpromo’s clients enjoy? Here’s what the company offers to help launch your blockchain startup:

  • ICO concept creation
  • White paper drafting
  • ICO platform
  • Token development
  • Worldwide marketing
  • PR and journalist relations
  • Crypto-exchange listings
  • Business development
  • Seed investments and VC investments
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