Kuna Agency Review

Developing Blockchain in CIS Region

The name indicates the origin of the agency. It’s based in Ukraine. Kuna means the main monetary unit of the ancient slavs. In our times Kuna is an agency which build Bitcoin-ecosystem and create Blockchain-projects. 

The agency specializes in consulting, development and project management in the field of FinTech and GovTech. KUNA’s clients are commercial and national banks, investment funds, government institutions, large corporations and private investors.

They provide consulting services and project development. Since 2014 Kuna has completed 7 projects.

Also, their division is Kuna exchange. The team has created KunaBTC index - the exchange rate of bitcoin to the local currency, opened the first in the CIS Bitcoin Embassy and brought the first in the CIS bitcoin ATM.

And they are not going to stop there.

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