Miklos Kadar Agency Review

Token Sales Diagnostics Expert-as-a-Service

Miklos Kadar agency base in London, UK. The mission of the agency is to help ICOs. They provide ICO consultation, analysis and training.

The agencies’ clients are usually startups considering doing an ICO. Investors (mostly venture capitalists and angels), board members, CEOs and sometimes marketing directors use ICO Help to lower their blockchain investment and operational risks.

The feature of the agency is their ICO Crash Course Webinar

It r is the safest way to start your education journey in the realm of ICOs. It is designed for individuals who are considering to learn more about ICOs. The 2-hour free webinar offers a good understanding of the ICO phenomenon and helps to see your opportunities in it.

Еhere are also a number of other courses, which will be useful for advanced startups and investors.

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