SolutionsHub Agency Review

Leading authority in crypto and blockchain gambling licensing, as well as regulatory compliant ICOs

Team is renowned for its knowledge and expertise in dealing with new legislation and previously unseen business models, designing complaint solutions stands us in the highest regard with the authorities.

It is our unique expertise, coupled with our blockchain and gaming specialists that have seen us obtain licenses and regulatory approvals for previously unseen gaming, gambling, blockchain and fintech business models. This includes the first regulatory approval of a blockchain gambling operator, designing world first crypto and player protection solutions and advising the Isle of Man’s first hard-capped ICO.

We don’t just react to what our ICO, blockchain and gaming clients request us to advise on. We analyse new trends versus regulation and create world first solutions. Similarly, we only actively seek clients who are looking to launch a business whereby there has been no regulatory engagement with such a business in the past. This allows us to design and implement the solutions which can then be replicated for businesses that then seek us out because of our unique experiences and demonstrable capabilities, such as recently establishing the Isle of Man’s first blockchain venture capital firms under uniquely flexible PCC structures.

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