Token Market Agency Review

Established in 2016, TokenMarket provides full service ICO advisory for blockchain based projects.

The project started on September 28, 2017. TokenMarket HQ is in a place that annually becomes the epicenter of changes in the global Digital environment -  Silicon Valley. They are located in the technology center of the world, next to the offices of Facebook, which daily motivates their  team, which to date has exceeded the mark of 20 employees.

A prerequisite for the creation of the project was the tendency to combine disparate Internet resources into ecosystems that are successfully created by IT leaders who are at the forefront of technology.

Own currency was the result of criteria - requirements for the project, which the TokenMarket team created at the beginning of its activity. It becomes – Token.

There are a large number of financial instruments inside the TokenMarket, which are the basis of the project ecosystem: P2P-transfer, currency exchange, digital bank.

TokenMarket is an ecosystem of  a new e-currency Token.

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