Tokenget Agency Review

Launch an ICO in 1 week

TokenGet is an advanced form of blockchain turnkey solution for all ICO ventures. The answer will carry an integrated set of tools to allow it to act as a software-as-a-service crowdfunding platform for all blockchain entrepreneurs. These tools will help provide for an ICO infrastructure that will have extra functionality, resilience, and scale to the project and thus make the venture agile and ultimately adaptive to any forthcoming change.

In short, TokenGet provides services for ICOs which are often not easy to find. Additionally, their solution wants to encourage possible ICOs based on their high-performance, cost-effective and customized solutions to the population.

TokenGet Features

  • KYC- a KYC/AML check system integration for the customers
  • Referral program- set up an automatic referral bonus distribution model for each sale stage
  • Automated Airdrop- get to monitor your airdrops through a computerized check-in system
  • Multiple Token support- wide range of support services for tokens including ERC20, NEO, Stellar and ERC223
  • Investor dashboard- an investor dashboard with extra features to allow for secure customization
  • SAFT- provides an educative background to helping compliance with existing U.S laws and regulations about the ICO in question.
  • Smart contract generator
  • Token sale configuration- processes all investor transactions while also allowing for token emission
  • Marketing module- monitor any ROI of the advertising campaigns
  • ICO management- outline the stages of your ICO
  • CMS- this will pertain integrating your ICO with the user languages, social networks, localization, partners, FAQ or publications
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