Zerion Agency Review

Connecting great investors to great companies

Zerion is a rapidly growing fintech company that helps great ideas succeed by powering ICOs. They seek to forge a new economy that is decentralized, democratized and empowers both companies and investors. On our journey, we have already helped our clients to raise over US$40 million. Now, we are building the next-generation democratized investment platform.

Zerion provides the technology you need to run a successful ICO. Their technology is fully-managed, audited and ready for use. Among them:

  • ICO investment interface. Connection with  companies and investors with a seamless, customizable UI.
  • Token Smart Contracts.Trusted on-chain solution for token distribution, built on EVM.
  • Diverse payment methods.Accept payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and QTUM.
  • Dual Security Audits. All ICOs are audited by our expert in-house team and well-known third party.
  • Dual Security Audits. All ICOs are audited by expert in-house team and well-known third party.
  • Access our investors. Reach Zerion investor’s community, all KYC verified and equipped to invest in your ICO.

The proof of the agencyy is in their track record:

  • 30K active investors
  • $55M raised for companies
  • $620M market cap of projects funded via Zerion

ICOs started / advertised by Zerion marketing agency:

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