Zonto Agency Review

ZONTO is a digital ecosystem which has many functional modules in its basis (social network, chats, wallet, job search etc.).

ZONTO is a modern social networking service based on blockchain technologies. In addition to classical "likes", every user will receive "ZONTO coins" from his or her followers. Coins can be used to pay for the system's paid functions. In the future, it will be possible to convert them to cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, coins are needed to give likes or make posts. As a result, Internet bots cannot spam, add friends or otherwise bother ZONTO users.

Zonto is a new product in the world of high technology. It is an ecosystem with many functions, which are designed to improve the quality of its users' lives".

ZONTO offers a new take on the concept of a social networking service. It is an application which will combine all the typical services currently available to an average user. The main feature of the application is the possibility to make payments for various services inside the app. 

The social networking service will consist of the following basic elements, which will interact with each other:

  1. Social network
  2. "Nearby" - A map of what’s happening nearby
  3. Discounts and promotions offered by businesses
  4. Wallet for digital and fiat cash
  5. Cash transfer
  6. Loyalty card
  7. Cashback services
  8. Private services
  9. Apartment rental
  10. Charity
  11. System of online appointments
  12. Online radio
  13. Simple CRM system

As can be seen, the team has very ambitious plans even at this stage of the project. This new and interesting view on what a modern social networking service should include definitely catches the eye. The team offers to bridge the gap between "digital" and "actual" social reality. The project's interactive nature will enable users to easily find necessary services, stores or contacts for people nearby. At the same time, the business will be able to flexibly integrate its processes into the system, so that interested customers have no trouble finding what they need.

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