Bitcoin 2019 Conference

Event passed

About event:

Welcome to Bitcoin 2019, the annual conference, expo, celebration and new home for the Bitcoin community. 

With two full days of content, industry roundtables, an exposition hall and a monthlong virtual hackathon, Bitcoin 2019 is all about moving the conversation beyond scaling and making it as easy to contribute to and engage with the community as it is to download and run a full node. 

Join us in building the future of digital value on June 25-26, and let’s show the world what it has to look forward to: making 2019 the year when Bitcoin got fun again!

Event program:

Layer One


example sessions:

  • The State of Bitcoin Mining
  • BIP Review: What’s Next for Protocol Changes
  • Establishing Privacy Through Schnorr Signatures
  • Exploring Potential Changes in the Future of BTC

subject overview:

  • BTC UX
  • Developer Upgrades
  • UTXO
  • Reflecting on SegWit
  • Handshake

Peer-to-Peer Community


example sessions:

  • Bitcoin by the Numbers and User Adoption
  • Destroying Bitcoin: Examining Threat Models
  • What Do Venezuela, Yellow Vests and Brexit Have in Common?
  • The Empire Strikes Back: Regulation and Global Policies

subject overview:

  • Driving Adoption to the Places BTC’s Needed
  • Philosophical Outlooks
  • Social Good and the Right to Transact
  • Views from Academia
  • BTC’s True Role in Environmentalism

Layer Two


example sessions:

  • The Lightning Network’s Reckless Progress
  • Sidechains and Cross-Chain Swaps
  • Bitcoin Smart Contract Development
  • Forecasting the Future of Layer-Two Innovations

subject overview:

  • Sidechains
  • Atomic Swaps and Interoperability
  • Multiparty Channels
  • Off-Chain Computation
  • Applications and Usability

Native Currency of the Internet


example sessions:

  • Sound Money in a Post-Keynesian World
  • Bitcoin as a Payment Rail
  • New Business Models for Digital Money
  • Bitcoin Economic Primitives
  • Decentralized Finance with Bitcoin

subject overview:

  • Properties of Money
  • Exchanges
  • Wallets
  • ICOs on BTC
  • Market Perspectives and Predictions