Blockchain Conference Russia Moscow

Event passed

About event:

Key Russian event in the blockchain and crypto industry, was gathering major Russian and foreign experts for the seventh time.

Conference was dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new type of investment – ICO. Two discussion sections:


  • “Fintech & regulation” – blockchain in Fintech and Govtech. ICO from the investors’ and organizers’ perspective. Rules of cryptocurrency trading.
  • “Development & marketing” – technical side of blockchain. Smart contracts and peculiarities of development on various blockchain platforms. Marketing of cryptocurrency projects and blockchain projects: how to promote a product in social media, search engines and media.

Our audience:

  • developers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • investors;
  • financial experts and bankers;
  • blockchain and crypto enthusiasts;
  • lawyers;
  • startup founders;
  • marketers;
  • media representatives.

 Conference speakers

Every year event organizers invite blockchain experts to Moscow. Presentations are delivered by speakers from Europe, Asia, North America. Reports of the Russian blockchain community representatives are an important part of the program, as these speakers are well versed in the local specifics and share up-to-date case studies. Five experts from Russia have already confirmed their participation in Blockchain Conference Moscow. Aleksey Studnev, developer, CTO, and founder of, founder of IT companies located in Russia and the USA. Aleksey will speak about deep analytics in blockchain, its tools, and application areas. Vladimir Popov, author of the book ICO: essence, problems, law; CEO at Synergis blockchain company. His presentation will focus on reputation systems in the blockchain industry. Igor Matyukhin, member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, member of the presidium of the Council for Digital Economics and Innovation Technologies of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, head of the Committee for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain of the National Investment Association, adviser at Maxim Diachenko, managing partner at Petroleum Trading LLC. He will review blockchain from the standpoint of the oil product market. Gerbert Shopnik, representative of world-known Bitfury blockchain company, will make a presentation on the topic “Blockchain without cryptocurrency: successful case studies and scenarios for business and public sector”.


Event program:

Main topics of Blockchain Conference Moscow:

1. Fintech Hall:

-cryptocurrencies and traditional assets;

-blockchain regulation;

-blockchain security;

-blockchain and innovation;

-industrial application of the technology.

2. Blockchain Hall:

-tokenization of the economy and other areas of social life;

-decentralization of the Internet;

-ICOs – cryptocurrency crowdsales, present and future;

-successful trading strategies;

-EOS constitution as the first social contract on blockchain.

Software and hardware exhibition

At Blockchain Conference Moscow, Smile-Expo organizes an exhibition area for mining hardware, blockchain-based

software and apps, and related goods and services. Over 50 companies annually participate in the exhibition.