Blockchain Connect 2019

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About event:

Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019 will be the third blockchain connect conference hosted by SV Insight. The theme of the event is “Academic”. 

On Jan. 11, 2019 in San Francisco, the event will gather the most authoritative blockchain professors around the world, the public chain projects with the most advanced technology, and technical experts, to discuss the most cutting-edge blockchain academic research, problems, and solutions. By including keynote speeches and panels covering topics from research to application, the conference will explore the next big opportunity in the blockchain industry.

Event program:

Academic Stage

9:30 AM

Opening Remark

9:50 AM

Keynote from Conflux, Turing Award Winner's Blockchain

10:20 AM

Keynote: Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts at Scale

10:50 AM

Panel: Scaling Blockchain

11:30 AM

Keynote: Using PreConsensus on Nakamoto Consensus Based Protocols


Lunch Break

1:30 PM

Keynote: Blockchains with Optimistic Instant Confirmation

2:00 PM

Keynote: Towards Building Trustworthy Smart Contract and Blockchain Ecosystems

2:30 PM

Decentralized Data Markets In Theory And Practice

Today's data economy critically depends on access to high quality datasets. However, the owners of such datasets are incentivized to keep them private since there is no fair and efficient market for purchasing high value datasets. The construction of a decentralized, liquid data marketplace would remove critical bottlenecks for the growth of machine learning and AI. In this talk, I'll explain how a decentralized data marketplace can be constructed by exploiting the capabilities of smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, and discuss the practical implementation of such a protocol.

3:00 PM

Paper Presentation: A proxy re-encryption network to empower privacy in decentralized systems

This keynote will be a detailed interpretation for the main techonolgies of Nucyper - Umbral and nuFHE. Umbral is NuCypher's split-key threshold proxy re-encryption scheme which can help data owner manage private data on public chain. nuFHE is a proof-of-concept that implements Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Torus. nuFHE can use either FFT or purely integer NTT (DFT-like transform on a finite field).

3:30 PM


3:50 PM

Keynote: Blockchain Privacy: Challenges, Solutions, And Unresolved Issues

4:20 PM

Panel: Privacy, Security, and other crypto challenges

5:00 PM


5:30 PM


Business Stage

9:30 AM


10:00 AM


Decentralized Computing with Trusted Execution Environments: Lessons Learned

10:30 AM

Panel: The Economics of Unlocking Crypto Liquidity

Crypto needs liquidity to thrive. This panel of leaders who are focused on enabling and evaluating liquidity in the crypto market will discuss the challenges, successes, and underlying economics that affect investment and transactional liquidity across a range of assets, from utility tokens to stablecoins to STOs and NFTs.

11:10 AM

Fireside Chat: How You See From the Bear Market

11:40 PM


2:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Fireside Chat with Indiegogo's Founder: Security Token and Regulated Platforms

1:30 PM

Panel: Investment Trends and Potential Killer Apps

It seems that after the era of ICO is over, there is little opportunity for early-stage investment in blockchain space recently. However, VCs are still putting effort in blockchain space and there are different types of companies are raising money from well-known VCs. So, what are the investment trends in 2019 and what kinds of applications might grow to be 'unicorns' after exchanges, mining business or gambling games? Please join this panel to catch the insights.

2:10 PM

Keynote: A Practice from Tencent: Blockchain Electronic Invoice in China

On May 24, 2018, Tencent cooperated with the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau to establish an “Intelligent Tax” Innovation Laboratory, focusing on fighting tax fraud with blockchain technology. After obtaining the pilot approval from the State Administration of Taxation, China’s first blockchain e-invoice was issued by a local restaurant in Shenzhen on August 10, 2018. A series of local enterprises have participated in the pilot project, including parking lots, auto repair shops, and cafe. The blockchain e-invoice system uses the underlying TrustSQL technology of Tencent Blockchain, combined with the new payment and reimbursement flow to create a blockchain e-invoicing platform for both consumers and taxpayers. The keynote will be focusing on introducing the technologies behind the whole system and Tencent's strategies in blockchain space

2:40 PM

Keynote: Enterprise Blockchain Research with Accentures

The keynote will cover the process and value of blockchain research to the enterprise ecosystem, and highlight some of Accenture's recent research reports.

3:00 PM

Panel: Public Services, Healthcare and other Blockchain Integrations

3:40 PM

Blockchain Project Demo Presentations

Please join us with VCs, incubators, developers to see what are the active blockchain pioneers who are working on new technologies or industrial applications.

4:40 PM

Awards Ceremony