Blockchain Summit Frankfurt

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About event:

Blockchain Summit Frankfurt is the leading blockchain for business event in Europe.

Connecting over 1,500 industry leaders, business decision makers and tech innovators, Blockchain Summit Frankfurt is a 1 day conference and exhibition dedicated to the business of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Based on unrivalled content, 80 visionary speakers and exceptional networking opportunities, Blockchain Summit Frankfurt is a must-attend event to understand the challenges and opportunities of our blockchain future.

Event program:

Tuesday, March 26 


  • Chair's Introduction


  • Where Are We Now? A Frank Look at Blockchain in 2019


  • Unlocking Blockchain’s Full Potential - What is the Key?


  • Chair's Introduction
  • Chair's Introduction
  • Chair's Introduction
  • Chair's Introduction


  • Blockchain is Not Bitcoin: a Blockchain 101 For Sceptics
  • What Can Blockchain Do For You? Creating Value in Manufacturing and FMCG
  • New Solutions For Identity Management with Blockchain
  • Crowdfunding for Success: Establishing the Use Case for an ICO


  • Panel: Is Blockchain Always the Way?
  • Panel: Disruption and Decentralisation - Blockchain Enabling the P2P Economy
  • Panel: Smart Contracts - Do they Really Work?
  • Panel: Has the Bubble Burst? Finding a Way Forward for ICOs


  • Technology as a Business Enabler
  • From Manufacturing to Shipping: Blockchain Creating New Value in the Economy
  • Reinventing the Value Exchange: Protecting Privacy with Blockchain
  • Success Stories - Functional Use Cases


  • Transformations in Finance
  • Blockchain for e-Gov - Meeting Citizen’s Needs in a Digital World
  • Regulation + Innovation = Acceleration. An Equation We Can Solve in Europe?
  • Developing a Token Economy


  • Establishing the Value of Blockchain. Challenges and Reality!
  • It’s Not Just About the Tech: Smart Marketing Strategies for Success
  • Panel: Standardisation and Fragmentation
  • Panel: The Big Questions: Data Privacy and GDPR


  • Lunch Break


  • Securing the Food Chain for the Future
  • Combating Counterfeiting with Blockchain
  • Managing Multi-Platform Integration: Containerisation, Bridging and Scaling


  • Supply Chain Success with Blockchain: A Case Study
  • How Can Blockchain Impact the Real Estate Industry?
  • Making Cost Savings with Blockchain Functionality


  • What is the Economic Potential of Blockchain for the Energy Market? Forging New Pathways to Remuneration
  • Exploring Blockchain in Media: The Bloomen Project
  • Transforming Cross-Border Payments with DLT


  • Exploring Blockchain’s Potential in Education: A Real Life Case Study
  • Blockchain for Healthcare: Unique Challenges & Opportunities
  • Lessons Learned from Real Life Blockchain Projects


  • Transforming Legacy Structures with Blockchain: New Insights and Collaborations
  • Evolution of a Blockchain Project - Creating True Value with Collaboration
  • The Role of Blockchain in Cybersecurity


  • Panel: Redefining Trust in the Digital Age: Building Customer Relationships with Blockchain
  • Panel: Collaboration and Competition
  • Panel: ‘The Tokenization of Everything’


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