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About event:

At the event, our premier speaker lineup of renowned cryptocurrency and technology experts will cover many innovative and exploratoy topics, as well as the surging questions pulsing throughout the cryptomarkets today. There will include analysis of efficiencies within the global digital currency markets; discussion on capturing opportunities of dislocated markets; the challenges and solutions of maintaining consistent liquidity within turbulant digital markets; examination of long-term growth within state-of-the-art digital execution strategies; technology solutions review for delivering and managing digital assets and navigating the digital asset marketplace; the future of AI, machine learning and the cryptocurrency markets; scrutiiny of the opportunities and advantages within volatile Bitcoin markets; insight into the impact of blockchain technology and the capital markets infrastructure; and focused review into unlocking the hidden value of next generation investment products.

Event program:


Introduction: Sol Steinberg - Founding Partner, OTC Partners

SESSION 1: Robert Savage - CEO, CCTrack Solutions, LLC

SESSION 2: Zura Kakushadze - Ph.D., CEO, Quantigic® Solutions. Author, “151 Trading Strategies”

Leadership Discussion Panel 1: Rocky Road to Institutional Crypto: Challenges and Opportunities  

Vladimir Danishevsky - Head of Corporate Bonds Flow eTrading IT, Citi

Michael Petersohn - Co-Founder, ARC FinTech

Garrett Nenner - Global Head of Trading Product, Linedata

Biser Dimitrov - Enterprise Blockchain Architect, Tata Consultancy Services

Leadership Discussion Panel 2: ETH and BTC: a call option on future technology? 

Eugene Lee - CFA, Co-Founder and Partner, Digital Mosaic Capital

Jim Kyung-Soo Liew - Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Co-Founder,  

Brian Koralewski - Partner, Austere Capital

Mark Goldman - Principal, Zash

Bryan Feinberg - CEO and Founder, Etheralabs/Plato Technologies Inc. and Plato Search Inc.

SESSION 3: Jonathan Nelson - Managing Director at HACK Fund: Fixing Venture Capital

SESSION 4: Robert Griffitts- Partner, Masur Griffitts

Leadership Discussion Panel 3:  Key Questions the CFTC Wants Answered About Ether

Gabe Frank - Institutional Custody and Cryptocurrency Security, BitGo

Haim Bodek - Managing Principal, Decimus Capital Markets

Wilfred Daye - Head of Financial Markets, OK Coin 

Richard Rothenberg - Executive Director, Global A.I. Corp

Ron Quaranta - Chairman and CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Final Discussion and Review: Sol Steinberg - Founding Partner, OTC Partners

Drinks Reception and Post-Conference Networking