International Conferene on Machine Learning and Data Engineering 2019

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About event:

The International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Engineering, 2019 (iCMLDE2019) will take place in Taiwan at Taipei Tech, the National Taipei University of Technology. It will gather international and national experts in research topics of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Data Engineering.

A.I. offers timely productivity advances and the conference will cover both applied and theoretical research areas to offer unique opportunities for professional interaction between thinkers, editors, researchers, industrialists, commercial practitioners, SMEs, academic researchers and their students, and identify opportunities for collaborative work.

The conference is supported by Global Circle for Scientific, Technological and Management Research (GCSTMR) of Australia. The GCSTMR endeavours to create a platform for young researchers to exchange ideas and to share information with experts. GCSTMR encourages and facilitates trans-national collaborations among its members and associates in research, training and professional activities. Multidisciplinary international conference series run by GCSTMR open new vistas and offer opportunities for researchers, industries, commerce and students - to interact at the global stage, learning and taking advantage of knowledge sharing today.