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About event:

The main objective of the forum - is formation of Russia's future image and search of answers to the following questions: "What goals do we set?", "What are we striving for?", "What role will Russia play in the world economy?", "What will be imported and what will be exported? What will our children be engaged in?", "What will our society be like, and what values ​​will become ideals?"

Special attention at a forum will be paid to participation of young leading scientists, students of economic Russian higher education institutions, businessmen and public figures.

The agenda of a forum includes 4 plenary sessions and 20 thematic round tables devoted to: tendencies in world economy, geopolitical role of Russia, the strategy of economic development, influence of the existing valuable models on image of the future.

Event program:

April 3th, 2018. Tuesday

08.00–10.00 Registration of participants

10.00–10.30 Opening of the Forum

10.30–12.00 I Plenary discussion “Russia of the future: challenges, strategies, mechanisms for achieving success”

12.00–12.30 Coffee break

12.30–14.00 II Plenary Discussion “The Global World in the Conditions of Radical Changes: Risks and Chances”

15.00–16.30 Conferences, debates 15.00–16.30 №1 Conference "Problems towards the interface of the Eurasian Union and the Chinese strategy "Belt and the Way"

15.00–16.30 №2 Conference "The future of Russian rural areas in the context of agrarian world development"

15.00–16.30 №3 Conference "Global technological challenges and new requirements for the national economy"

15.00–16.30 №4 Conference "New stage of Russian regional development"

15.00–16.30 Debate "Cultural policy: between individual freedom and the interests of society?"

16.30–17.00 Coffee break

17.00–18.30 Conferences, debates

17.00–18.30 №5 Conference "Policy of the Central Bank of Russia - how to restore confidence in commercial banks and start investing in the real sector?"

17.00–18.30 №6 Conference "International trade and WTO: how to ensure fair conditions for participation?"

17.00–18.30 №7 Conference "Pension reform in Russia in the context of the budget crisis: macroeconomic causes and consequences"

17.00–18.30 №8 Conference "Elections have passed: what to do with the economy?"

17.00–18.30 Debate "Globalism or Protectionism?"

April 4th, 2018. Wednesday

08.00–09.00 1st floor, Hall Registration of the new participants

10.30–11.30 III Plenary discussion “Social Policy and Human Potential as the Basis of Russian Modernization”

11.30–12.00 Coffee break

12.00–13.30 Conferences, debates

12.00–13.30 №9 Conference “Russia and the Creation of a Future World Order”

12.00–13.30 №10 Conference “Has the presidential election become a public debate about the future of the country?”

12.00–13.30 №11 Stolypin Club "Growth Economy: State, Business and Society"

12.00–13.30 №12 Conference "Glamour and Poverty of Social Democracy"

12.00–13.30 Debate "New Cold war: to prevent or to prepare?"

13.30–14.00 Dinner

14.30–16.00 Conferences, debates

14.30–16.00 №13 Brainstorm "From stagnation to development - threats, challenges and prospects for the Russian economy and business after the presidential election"

14.30–16.00 №14 International conservative club: "Sovereignty, identity, protectionism - a new agenda of world politics"

14.30–16.00 №15 Conference “Information wars - what happens to the media and information sphere in Russia and in the world?”

14.30–16.00 №16 Conference “How to plan and to prepare personnel for a new economic development?”

14.30–16.00 №17 Conference “Where to get money for the development of the Russian economy today?”

14.30–16.00 №18 Conference “Noospheric Strategy Paradigm and Mechanisms of Ascending Reproduction of the Russian Population”

14.30–16.00 Debate "The economic philosophy of the future: liberalism, dirigism, what else?"

16.00–16.30 Break 16.30–18.00 The final plenary discussion. Summing up the results of the Forum

18.00–19.30 Buffet

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