François De Chezelles

"Votre projet blockchain sur-mesure, livré clé en main."

"Votre projet blockchain sur-mesure, livré clé en main." 

(Custom blockchain projects, delivered turnkey.)

Talium is an IT service company specialized in digitization & system integration with world-class blockchain skills. Our team: architects and engineers seasoned with the entire software dev lifecycle.

Blockchain credentials (95% of our activity):

  • Many projects (Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar), 11 with significant R&D, several in production: Sunchain (energy), Legolas (trading), BCDiploma (certificates), Irene (micropayments), etc. 
  • Technology-agnostic benchmarking/R&D since mid-2015; innovation awards
  • Advanced skills: wallet security, secret sharing, multi-party computation, smart contract audits, SGX...
  • Technology partners: IBM, Oracle, Monax

We apply proven methodologies (Agile Scrum...) to:

  • Blockchain projects
  • Systems integration; expertise in Oracle Middleware (ADF, SOA, BPM, ECM...) 
  • Software dev: Java/JEE, JS/Node, Go, Python, C/C++, mobile (& sync)... + DevOps, Kubernetes...

ICOs supported by François De Chezelles

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