Karen New

Speaker|ICO Advisor|Author of 1st CryptoBook in Singapore|Serial Technoprenuer | Asia Meetup

Blockchain Technology excites me as I believe it will change the way we live. We are in the midst of the evolution where opportunities will be abundance. The entire economy and infrastructure will have major movements with trusted third parties being made almost redundant. Legality, taxation, and accountancy have to be adjusted for this evolution. Ethereum smart contract leads to secure, faster and cheaper management of contractual relationships where all parties involved receive their fair share when conditions are met. These automatons may remove some jobs but will surely create a new set of working conditions and job scope. Personally, believe people will work in partnership and we will have the ability to choose projects that we like to be involved in. 

I wrote a book Blockchain Investment called New Assets to share her experience with people who are new to cryptocurrency investment. It is only 168 pages and will help non-techy people to kickstart your journey to build a portfolio of blue-chip assets to grow our wealth. 

Adjunct lecturer at Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy. Oxford alumini

Advisor of multiple ICOs. 

My passion: 

  • Blockchain Technology 
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Redefinition of Job in the Crypto World.
  • User experience research and quick prototype. 

Honored to be Interviewed by various presses, magazines and on TV. Appear on Singapore Straits Times, Channel News Asia, News on 5, Channel U 财经追击 (Money Week). 

Her area of specialty as a speaker includes;

  • Wealth Building with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • ICO
  • Female Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software Product Design
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