Mikhail Sitnichenko

I am the founder of AvailCom CEO project.

I am the founder of AvailCom CEO project. Having faced the problem with accommodation at night arrival, high commissions of Internet services and agencies by my experience, the idea to create AvailCom came up by itself.

I wanted any resident of any country to have a chance to rent an apartment without any problems, trust the users of the platform and keep safe. So, the idea was to create a platform using the blockchain basic concepts which will meet all the above requirements and combine rental of real estate and cars for ease of use.

A lot of documentation has been worked out, many articles have been read, many films have been watched. We had a lot of ideas, but some of them did not find their confirmation, and some on the contrary became the cornerstone and the basis of AvailCom platform.

We believe in success and powerful development, it shows all sorts of polls and feedback from users on the already posted information about our platform and team!

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