Nitesh Thakur

Business Development Manager. Customer Relations Expert. No business in the world can sprout without an active clientele. I ensure that nothing disrupts the flow of clients towards a business.

With over Two year's hands-on experience in digital marketing, advertising, blockchain and ICO industries, I’ve gained an extensive know-how in branding and conceptualizing communication in digital media landscapes. Currently Working at BlockchainPRBuzz as Business Development Manager.

How can I help you:

  • I can build business models and visualize them.
  • Creating an image and corporate identity & site.
  • Organization of ICO. The complete list of tasks, recommendations.
  • I will help to develop a marketing strategy.
  • I will help to develop a PR strategy.
  • I will help to develop a content strategy.
  • I will help strengthen the sales funnel.
  • I Will help to improve Social Media.
  • I can help you to create a Buzz in the Crypto Audience.

Each of my tips will help optimize your marketing budget and will bring you closer to the successful launch of the product.

ICOs supported by Nitesh Thakur

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