Robert Hellgren


My name is Robert Hellgren, 48 year from Sweden. Have over 25 years experince of construction and realestate like CEO. Now we make a STO for Sweden to solve the house crisis. We shall build rental houses, with three model of house. This house shall beb build with short timeplan and with high quality. Swedish goverment give also a contribution for all houses that is build. As investor you will have 50 % of the share of profit. The rest of the profit will we reinvest in new real estate. If we enter new countries with this model you will as investor get new token in that country. So the plan is to expand the project all over the world, where is need of rental houses. I hope you join us as investor, so we can make good progress and good ROI. I think house is a key for all people so they can build there life and family. So this project is imported for all. We have a model that we make good houses, quick and cheap, and in same time make profit to investor. The house will also be very smart, with smart technic and modern living. Take the chance now and join the project, and follow us on You are welcome with question, or feedback to us.


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