Rohit Gupta


Technology leader with proven track record for building and growing teams and championing simple designs for solving hard, complicated problems. I have deep experience in building large-scale, secure, distributed systems and database/caching solutions for both on-prem and cloud environments. 

I have a track record for establishing a culture of customer focus, operational excellence, continuous improvement and innovation in a range of domains including Travel, E-commerce, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Fraud and Cloud computing. I am always up for new challenges, for changing status quo, working with hungry/curious minds, and building products and teams for solving the impossible problems.

I inspire teams to go for and achieve stretch goals. I believe in creating an environment where teams can continually challenge the status quo, test and learn, improve operational excellence, and above all innovate on behalf of the customers. As a manager my priority is to mentor people and make sure they grow in their careers and achieve much more than even what they imagined possible.

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