Shebin John

ICO Advisor, ICO Ambassador, ICO Consultant, Influencer, Strategist, Computer Engineer, Marketer, Investor, Crypto Trader & Programmer

"Engineer by Profession, Marketer by Choice, Investor by Passion"

My name is Shebin John and I am normally known as Remedcu in internet. The name Remedcu came from an unused domain name few years back, and I have since changed that from just a domain name to a whole brand which today represents me in any website.

I had started few years back as an advertiser for a Casino project along with helping them in their initial stages of launch with my user experience, etc. Then I moved on to be their SEO for few months which tremendously increased their user retention and organic traffic. As they were happy with my work, moved on to their next project as well and later on helped in administrative help as well in one of their project.

Then moved on to Marketing and Advertising for few online projects, to attract investors and users for their project. And later created my own project in advertising and worked on it for about an year before moving on to a full time work on crypto field.

Done my first BTC Transaction back in 2013, but have been in the Crypto Field even before that. And since the beginning, been in love with this technology. And always wondered what we could be doing with this technology. And how it could be implemented everywhere for complete transparency and security.

In between all this, I completed my Computer Science Engineering Degree. Worked with many projects mainly in web development and android app development. Been a programmer my whole life starting with basics like C & C++ since high school and moving to HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL etc. Have experience with working in Google Cloud Platform, AWS, etc.

Currently, I have been working with various companies in ICO Sector, few of them are:

  • Joined a fintech company, Midex as an Ambassador (Raised $20M+ in April 2018)
  • Joined another fintech company, called Entry as an ICO Advisor.
  • Joined a Casino company called Gamblica as an Advisor.
  • Joined an Agricultural based company called NagriCoin as an Advisor.

Actively looking to help promising ICO to make a positive difference in this world using blockchain & decentralization. 

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