Tim Zagar


Tim Mitja Zagar has always been attracted to new technologies. Starting as early as high school, he began to create websites for small businesses, and during his university studies he established his first successful web development company. Due to an overwhelming number of orders, he soon focused solely on the business side of the company and left the programming, as he puts it, “to the better programmers.” He started working on blockchain projects in 2013 with the goal of connecting the crypto field to the existing banking world. In July 2014, Tim, together with Jani Valjavec, founded Cashila, the first bitcoin company to be registered as a financial institution with EU regulator approval. Soon he realized that more and more people wanted to invest in digital assets, not just use cryptocurrencies for payments. For this reason, he and his colleague Jani Valjavec founded ICONOMI, a digital asset management platform that enables access to a variety of digital assets and the option to combine and trade them.

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