Tzvi Shishler

CEO at Titanium Blockchain and CEO at FutureBlock | Blockchain expert: tech, business, and economics | Main interests: R&D and business for Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs. IT entrepreneurship and startups.

 Tzvi Shishler is the CEO of 4KingMedia, one of the first marketing agencies dedicated to cryptocurrency markets. 


Tzvi has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and 4 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. His team has led the marketing efforts of some of the biggest brands in the space, like,, to name a few.


My current focus on ICOs is specifically to find the best in the bag with real value to the Blockchain community. This is in part of my involvement in a new, community-funded, project call which will help clean up and unlock the value that is trapped in failed coins.

ICOs supported by Tzvi Shishler

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