yadu hari sahal

“You don’t need to rely on teachers, your experiences as a learner will teach you all you need to know.”

“You don’t need to rely on teachers, your experiences as a learner will teach you all you need to know.”

With an urge to learn and comprehend newer things in life, the foothold of Yadu’s professional realm began in the year 2017. However, delving first into his educational journey, he completed his alma mater from D.L.F Public School in 2014 and further acquired a degree in B.Com(Hons) from Delhi University in 2017. From being a coordinator at fests to an active member of the Sports Club, Yadu always had a keen interest in extracurricular activities. Within a year of graduation, he decided to explore his interests further. While he was clueless where his life would take him, his ardor for learning was all the motivation he needed.

The first step for Yadu was to find his one true passion. Not knowing where to commence, he surveyed different areas of interest to work upon, scouting for his passion. Yadu started his career with Upwork as a freelancer and picked up a few website development projects on the escrow platform. He appreciated what he was doing, but continued to shadow alternate career options. With an inclined interest towards writing, the next inevitable step for him was blogging. This sparked a new found interest and Yadu decided to give blogging a whirl with an intent to explore the domain.

His endeavor in writing definitely accorded him boundless knowledge but neither could he make a profession out of it, nor did it earn him a satisfactory remuneration he also learned SEO and SMO as a freelancer which has made him adept at digital optimization.

In the midst of trying new things, Yadu and his friend initiated the idea to launch a website development and designing company with a humble motive to aid startups.

New companies, generally have a cramped budget that they primarily invest into their operational activities, leaving hardly any amount for advertising and promotion. However, the digital era has made it a necessity for businesses to leave an impression on the internet in order to thrive in this fiercely competitive market. Failing to do so is the biggest impediment to the success of a startup. With this in mind, the two friends set up a business where they could provide a hand to help startups thrive, within an affordance price range.

Yadu’s primary aim has always been to learn new things and he has never stopped searching for diverse fields that would help him accomplish that objective. When you have a gusto for learning and the ability to work hard, it is just a matter of time before success knocks at your door. Today, with his zest for knowledge and dexterity to work hard to achieve his ambitions, Yadu Hari Sahal has not merely developed himself as a professional but also helped people flourish synchronously with him.

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