YongHyuk Chang

20+ years of experience in gaming and telecommunication business

20+ years of experience in gaming and telecommunication business. Excellent insight into business strategy and product design. Building a new game ecosystem using blockchain token economy. Spearheading the development of services to increase viewership of sports and e-sports.

Future of sports and e-sports is here. As we all know, subscription and viewership on sports networks are plummeting due to cable cutting. The way viewers consume sports now shifted to online streaming. Especially when you look at e-sports, major events are viewed online. Interactivity is the key element to Millennial. They don’t sit idly in front of TV anymore.

How we watch sports needs to change. Instead of a loud cheer, we should actively participate in the match, look up for details and play with stats. Match result alone doesn’t interest the Millennium. They follow every move of the team and the athlete, feel the tension in every breath they take. The excitement lies in the course of the match, and not on the outcome.

In 2020, Millennial will turn 20. They will get a job and have a family. Busy life will push them away from playing games, so they will satisfy their hunger by watching the professional gamers play. Maybe some day they will watch the game with their sons, just like the way we did with our dad, playing catch balls.

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