AI PowerBrain.Shop® (AIPBS) ICO review

PowerBrain.Shop®’s AI technology accelerates the implementation of Artificial Intelligence software solutions across various industries.

Increased AI implementation efficiency, simplifying the process and eliminating repetitive steps while ensuring interoperability and adaptability.

Reduced time to market due to quick and standards based rapid prototyping and productive implementation based on PB.S’s PowerBrains™.

Reduced cost for the AI project implementation including planning, design, implementation and training of the AI.

Reduced dependency on scarce software development experts for AI software projects.

Reduced cost for AI training and maintenance due to standardized tools such as PB.S-IDE™.

Improved AI quality as PowerBrains™ are going to be developed on highest software quality standards and hardened in various customer projects.

Independence of AI Cloud Service providers due to various flexible deployment options.

Reduced transaction fees for AI services due to scaling capabilities and synergy effects.

Utility Token based crypto-currency payments for PB.S‘s professional offerings.

AI PowerBrain.Shop® ICO Presentation

AI PowerBrain.Shop® (AIPBS) ICO supported by experts:

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