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ROCKZ is a new cryptocurrency that brings solidity and trust into the volatile cryptocurrency market for the first time.

ROCKZ is a new cryptocurrency that brings solidity and trust into the volatile cryptocurrency market for the first time. Unlike other cryptocurrencies ROCKZ is backed in value to one of the world’s strongest and most sustainable currencies, the Swiss Franc, in a 100% transparent and legally enforceable way

ROCKZ addresses a major shortcoming of the cryptosphere: the lack of a trustworthy anchor in the traditional economy - a way to book profits while still staying in crypto; a way to address counterparty, security, and market risks.

Institutional investors, such as funds, insurance companies or pension funds, are willing to enter this new asset class, which is decorrelated from traditional investments. But to penetrate this new asset class they need a point of reference, a safe harbour, a reserve coin. This is ROCKZ.

The ROCKZ issuing company enables investors and traders to exchange their main crypto currencies against a ROCKZ. For each ROCKZ issued, 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) is held by the ROCKZ issuing company for the account of the coin holders. By definition, ROCKZ is stable.

The ROCKZ issuing company holds up to 90% of its reserves in Swiss Francs (the Reserves) in physical paper form (i.e., banknotes) which are deposited in high-security Swiss Alp Bunkers and Vaults. The remaining 10% is held with various Swiss Banks to ensure short-term availability of the Swiss Francs. ROCKZ is solid and agile. 

The Reserves are held by the ROCKZ issuing company under a fiduciary mandate and are segregated from the company’s operating accounts. Even in the case of bankruptcy of the ROCKZ issuing company, ROCKZ coin holders still have full access to their Swiss Franc fiat reserves. ROCKZ holders are protected.

The ROCKZ issuing company is building a rigorous and robust legal framework which ensures that ROCKZ is effectively backed by the reserves of Swiss Francs and that claims are legally enforceable. ROCKZ is reliable.

ROCKZ is pioneering and fostering a new level of adoption for crypto enthusiasts and investors. ROCKZ erases the main crypto market risk by pegging the coin to one of the most stable currencies, thereby reducing counterparty risk to a minimum. No other coin offers this level of protection. 

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