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A revolutionary online marketplace powered with Blockchain technology that offers fee free buying and selling of goods and services online.

Blockscart is a revolutionary online marketplace powered with Waves Blockchain technology. The evolution of online shopping and platform that will have vendors of all sizes sell their products and services through a global Cryptocurrency powered Marketplace. The entire Marketplace will be built on secure cloud storage and linked to Waves Turing complete smart contracts to allow for Escrow and Buyer/Seller protection, so the trust between Buyers and Sellers is established. Blockscart is run on the Waves Blockchain, which is developed as one of the fastest, more scalable and secure Blockchains available with speeds onward of 100txs for their token called BLXS. BLXS will be used alongside BTC and Waves as payment method for products and services including, payments for ad placements within the marketplace. A fully working platform ready to launch in Q4 2018.


In July 2018, Blockscart announced the migration from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Waves Blockchain.

The token Swap process of BLOC the erc20 token over to BLXS the Waves asset was completed on the 5th September 2018. 

100 million BLXS tokens were created. BLOC holders swapped to BLXS under a simple swapping process Blockscart held through their website.

There are a total of 7.7million BLXS to be distributed to the BLOC swap holder's leaving a large remainder of BLXS to sell off in an extended token sale that will run from September 20th 2018 till it sells out.

A maximum of 34million BLXS will be distributed to wallets. The remaining token allocation is laid out in our v6 whitepaper attached to the ICOBench profile.

What is Blockscart?

Blockscart is a fee free web based platform and marketplace that allows users to buy and sell (trade) products and services using Cryptocurrency only.

The platform has been designed to offer a built in automatic Escrow system that once a terms of sale has been processed, the seller will get paid. This happens either by buyer notification through their order page or after a duration of 31 days.

Escrow has a 3% total cost. That is the only cost for any trades on the platform. There are no membership or listing fees.

BLXS will be added as a method of payment. The token is also protected under a hedging system keeping whatever price the item/service sold was to guarantee payout to the seller.

BTC & Waves are also a payment method on the platform and we are working on adding around 50 Different Cryptocurrencies to the platform within 6 months of Beta launch.

The platform is ready to launch and will be available in Beta stage from the end of October onwards.

We believe we are the only platform to actually offer free online trade with secure escrow and are the only company to complete a working platform as stated in the original whitepaper.

Our team has some of the best experience in the industry and some of the best advisors, including Blockrake which has Jack as CEO who is ex SEC lawyer. With these added benefits, we have continued to prove that our progress, transparency and honesty throughout our campaign will deliver us a great customer base to all.

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