CCINT stands for the authoritative source of cryptocurrency media intelligence.

CCINT stands for the authoritative source of cryptocurrency media intelligence. CCINT are utility tokens required to gain access to a range of data feeds of the lowest possible latency containing the current media sentiment of ultimately all tradable cryptocurrencies. The data feeds are created by our advanced natural language processing system and will be expanded to monitor all accessible main news channels.

CCINT enables traders to automatically capture the impact of news on crypto coin portfolios and ICO initiatives. The data feeds will be invaluable input signals for any active cryptocurrency trading strategy. To ensure feed exclusivity and maintain the buyer’s competitive edge, the feeds will periodically be sold at auction in exchange for CCINT tokens. The ranking of the bids determines the latency of the feed. In addition, the most valuable lowest latency feed will also be available for a fixed price of 100,000 CCINT per month. A delayed feed will be publicly available for free.

All transactions, including the auction, run on the Stellar decentralised blockchain network to ensure safety, speed of execution and minimal transaction fees.

A fixed amount of 100 million CCINT tokens will be created and distributed through the ICO and will be immediately tradable after activation on the Stellar decentralised exchange (SDEX).

CCINT is an initiative of Semlab, the leading artificial intelligence and natural language processing company of The Netherlands. Semlab has over 18 years expertise in sentiment analytics in the trading community.

CCINT (CCINT) ICO supported by experts:

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