CDRX (CDRX) ICO review

Crypto Depository Receipts (CDRs) open up a whole new world of finance: invest in companies faster, cheaper and which have previously been out of reach.

By converting existing equities and bonds into securitised crypto-tokens (Crypto Depository Receipts – CDRs), CDRX is allowing anyone to invest in financial markets, and buy a piece of any company with as little or as much money as they can afford. Buy an Apple CDR, you have the legal right to an Apple stock, including dividends, voting and all other shareholder rights. Buy 1/50 of an Apple CDR, and receive 1/50 of the rights. Tokenisation allows fractional ownership, lowers costs and shortens transaction times. Each CDR token gives the owner the legal right to the underlying stock or bond, which is held by an independent depository bank/trust on behalf of you, the token owner. CDRX is also building an institutional grade platform that operates 24/7 to allow you to trade both non-securitised tokens (eg. cryptocurrencies and utility tokens) and securitised tokens (eg. CDRs) safely and easily.

CDRX is a business formed from the combined knowledge and experience of veteran investment bankers.  With an average of 15 years experience each, CDRX's global team are all experts in their fields, spanning software engineering, ecommerce, electronic cash and derivatives trading, machine learning, structuring, sales, securities law and regulation.

The team has seen first hand both the benefits and drawbacks of traditional financial markets, and the emergence of blockchain technology has helped CDRX design and implement a generational improvement in securities trading and ownership.

The Product

Crypto Depository Receipts (CDRs) and native-issuance cryptoshares are the natural evolution of traditional equity ownership – a $77.7 trillion market – providing all the advantages of traditional stock ownership and the solution to its inefficiencies.  The solution enables the tokenisation of both existing equity markets and all new equity issuance.  More than just a functionally restricted approach, the solution delivers a suite of asset services (eg. dividend payments and voting) directly via the tokens, both faster and at substantially lower cost than existing methods.

The CDR solution isn't limited to equity, it is also being rolled out for bonds and derivatives, a total market size in excess of $600tn.

The Platform

To complement the introduction of CDRs and cryptoshares, CDRX will also be launching an exchange for listing and trading of both non-securitised (eg. bitcoin, ethereum, ripple) and securitised crypto-instruments (eg. CDRs). In most regulated jurisdictions, trading of securitised tokens (tokens that grant legal rights to, or ownership of assets) must be conducted via authorised and regulated entities and CDRX is pursuing authorisation in a number of key jurisdictions.  It is also working with regulators more broadly to contribute to an evolving regulatory landscape, aiming for a balance that does not unduly stifle the natural evolution of the securities markets and which also maintains its protections and benefits.

The Summary

  • Investors
    Trade securities like crypto-currencies. Significantly faster transfer, significantly lower cost, and (via fractional ownership) the ability to buy stocks or bonds that would previously have been too expensive
  • Issuers
    Pay dividends, conduct voting and execute corporate actions directly through the CDRs. Significantly lower costs, elimination of intermediary errors and drastically increased efficiencies
  • Asset backed tokens
    Like stable-coins, CDRs are securitised tokens, backed by real-world assets, whose value matches the value of the underlying stock or bond that each CDR represents.  Rights to these assets is guaranteed by legal title and held on behalf of token owners in a separate depository bank/trust, outside the control or ownership of CDRX.

CDRX ICO Presentation

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