CoinCasso (CCX) ICO review

European Licensed Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Our CoinCasso Exchange CCX Token holders will have the greatest impact on the introduction of new currencies and innovations. CCX tokens work in a similar way as tokens on other exchanges but they have additional value for the users of the exchange. Owners of the tokens have the ability to participate in the company, reduce the transaction fees and give the token holders the right to receive a part of the profit made by the company. CoinCasso is subject to two EU directives on safety, it is fully licensed throughout the European Union. Our mission is to change the world. We want to create large crypto-society around the world, by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology. We believe in creating a better future in money transfer and exchange services. We are sure of the wide application of blockchain technology and the benefits of cryptocurrencies in the near future. By introducing global solutions through education, making the crypto ecosystem friendly for everyone

The CoinCasso project is a holistic and democratic solution created for people.

Our view is completely different because we want the community to be able to decide and influence the development of our exchange and the entire industry. That's why we give our users the opportunity to become co-owners of the CoinCasso project. Our goal is to create an exchange that does not duplicate the mistakes of other exchanges and will act on the basis of what the community wants. We want to offer a more transparent product, open to new projects in the blockchain industry, we want to develop the market holistically. We reward CoinCasso users for the actions taken in order to develop our project and the entire industry.

Exclusive features and advantages of having the ССХ-power token:

  • 80% of the exchange profits are distributed among CCX-power owners.
  • Reduction of commission for transactions depending on the amount of CCX.
  • The right to vote in order to add tokens.
  • The right to participate in voting for the structural changes of the exchange.
  • For holders of a large amount of CCX-power exclusive invitations to events and material rewards.
  • For holders of a large amount of CCX-power, it is possible to add a token for a vote to add it to the exchange.
  • Opportunity to participate in other CoinCasso projects (e.g. CoinCasso Capital Foundation).
  • More information you will find on our whitepaper. 

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