Crypto Potential (QCP) ICO review

Crypto-Potential is a platform which provides specialized Crypto reports. The ecosystem incorporates two crypto elites.

Detectives are experts who have the knowledge and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency to write specialized reports which earn them continuous passive income and Investors access the reports with CP Token to further increase their network of relevant information which saves their precious time.

Crypto traders and investors are overwhelmed by the number of ICO's and amount of information that they have at their disposal. How much of that information is really relevant? On top of that, finding the right ICO to invest in requires a lot of time, experience and knowledge to know if the project is really going to be a success. If that is not enough, just imagine a corrupted system that gives ratings based on the monetary compensation from the ICO’s themselves, or if you like, paid ratings. Not just that, experts who are supposed to do the evaluation are not even verified, certified or tested as cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. Literally anyone can become an expert as there is no verification process implemented anywhere. So why waste your precious time on the projects that do not have potential and are boosted with fake ratings? Why not have someone to do the evaluation for you? Wouldn't it be better and easier to have a report about an ICO that is already investigated and evaluated by an expert which will have all the critical information that will help with the investment decision?

To save you a lot of time and money, Crypto-Potential will provide specialized ICO reports which are evaluated by experts called ICO Detectives. Rather than comprehensive reports that are as long as whitepaper itself, these specialized reports will contain factual information about ICO's that are critical in 4 making the right investment decision which you would not be able to find elsewhere. Detectives who write reports are incentivized by investors who access them not the ICO’s themselves. This way they can write unbiased reports based on the real facts rather than being paid to boost the ratings. Every Detective on Crypto-Potential will have to be tested and verified in their field of expertise to assure they will conduct ICO evaluation with accuracy and expertise.

Crypto Potential ICO Presentation

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