ELPIS (ELP) ICO review

The first crypto-asset trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on blockchain to bridge the gap between old and new finance.

Elpis’s AI goal is to provide trading signals (specific buying and selling market orders) to every participant in both the fund and its ICO, and give the ability to perform as an expert investment manager, using a technology platform built to simulate a professionally managed fund, but in an easily comprehensible application that requires minimal to no intervention. Elpis system is already showing a 33% gain in the 3 months period, April to July (with verifiable trading signals @https://t.me/elpistrading), and lowered the draw-down risk by 3.5 times when compared to the risk of traditional investments in the S&P500. Elpis works only with avg. market performance fees and keeps verifiable transaction records on the blockchain. Elpis success formula: Real Time Data Analysis + Ai recognition of past patterns - Human Emotions = Performance Optimisation.

The mission of Elpis is to grow together with visionary investors who believe in the opportunities created by innovative and new investing strategies. Innovation, transparency, real time responses to market changes, and above all fairness are Elpis’s driving principles.

In the finance industry, human error still remains the main cause for large losses of wealth, and for this reason Elpis’s goal is to use technology innovation to limit the cost of wrong investment decisions that are largely driven by old-school human-based investment practices.

Elpis has the power to analyze a remarkable amount of real time data to instantaneously and unemotionally implement investment strategies.

After the closing of the ICO, Elpis will build a unique hybrid investment fund that uses a proprietary AI-based system to effectively anticipate market moves when executing investment strategies both in assets and in cryptocurrencies. It brings to investors a unique way of participating in wealth opportunities that new markets and economies offer, without the obligation to be a subject matter expert. Mathematical algorithms constantly work 24/7 to lower the risk and keep the best tradeoff with rewards, in a completely automated technologydriven trading tech that executes tailored, transparent and efficient investment strategies.

ELPIS ICO Presentation

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