eSports (ERT) ICO review

The home of esports

We are creating the biggest eSports portal in the world. This high quality experience, meaningful to our gamer friends and fans, will enable them to create, curate, share and enjoy great content together, or even participate in and contribute to events.

All our users can participate in creating content for those areas by writing guides or producing videos. They can also get paid for this in our Reward Tokens (ERT) - which we will soon offer for presale through our Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

We offer anyone who shares our vision and believes in the eSports community to become a part of our cause today.

But we can’t do it without the financial contribution of the community.

For every contribution of content our members will be paid based on interaction. For example: ‘X’ amount of likes earns ‘X’ ERT. Views also earn ERT, and your followers can donate as much as they want.

And since we are creating such a big community, we also want to create options for our users to spend their money or ERT on our site.

There will be a shop for your favourite eSports team’s merchandise as well as hardware, chairs, coaching lessons, or betting on your favourite team. You decide which offers you want to participate in and which you don’t like. You can also cash out ERT to FIAT (i.e. traditional currency) through several exchanges or our site at the current value of ERT for that day and time. We are located in Malta, where there is a very progressive legislation available and a legal system that will most likely allow us to accept bets on our platform in cryptocurrency (ERT), in the near future. The Malta Gambling Authorities are discussing this option, which would allow you to bet on your favourite teams using cryptocurrencies.

It is important for you to understand a few facts about how we take care of our users:

  • We will prevent underage gambling on our site and are very much aware of the younger age group that comes with eSports. Those too young to gamble can still use the site and all the other options, but gambling will not be shown to them.
  • We will protect player funds and protect users who have a gambling problem.

All of this comes with the obligations and responsibilities attached to our gambling license.

With everything outlined above, we believe our platform will be a major success, and we are excited for you to help our cause. As such, 1% of our profits go into our overarching goal: the recognition of eSports as an official sport.

eSports ICO Presentation

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