HorseChain (HRS) ICO review

The HorseChain Foundation will subsequently develop a number of other decentralized applications (Dapps).

The HorseChain Foundation will subsequently develop a number of other decentralized applications (Dapps) that will enable mass adoption, these will also come pre-installed in the Official HorseChain app in later version updates. The main objective of HorseChain is to stimulate the multi-billion dollar equine industry by implementing smart technologies, producing unbiased data, enhancing validation and detectability of extortion verification, and evacuating worldwide limits.

Main idea

HorseChain is the main Equine stage on the planet to use blockchain innovation to change the equine world and make it progressively proficient, straightforward, secure and comprehensive.

We see HorseChain revolutionizing the equine world from fractional horse ownership on the blockchain to a marketplace, enabling equine community members to share their expertise and validated services through a community - administered social proofing system.

Our Mission

Driving the equine business to the next level through the improvement and usage of inventive approaches to improve the present equine administrations.

Worldwide integration of real authentication and guarantees quick access to equine data.

Optimize the industry by aligning the community of equines through a shared ecosystem, currency, and technology.


UberHorse Dapp

Similar idea to uber but modified to horse industry its only going to accepts cryptocurrency payments for now.

X-RAY Dapp

Veterinarians will be asked to give their self-ruling, secretive (in case they pick) and impartial equine X-Ray judgment. HorseChain will balance pointless discussion among buyer and dealer and settle direct through a self-sufficient driving collection of industry specialists.

V2.0 Streaming Dapp

A blockchain - based equine streaming platform. We aim to be a trailblazer in combining emerging technologies with video streaming services such as distributed ledger and artificial intelligence. Viewers can also watch the championship of horses and vote which horses will win the championship.

Going to rewards who views the championships

Digital Passport ID card

Digital Passport can be used also for another pet. Each horse has a unique wallet address that allows owners to make purchases and have a clear history of purchases that made this app correlate with other HorseChain apps.

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