KickCity (KCY) ICO review

Disrupting the Event Industry using Blockchain

What is KickCity?

KickCity is an event marketing and management platform that uses the power of Blockchain technology and crowdsourcing to create a more efficient community for event organizers, promoters and attendees. It creates a decentralized protocol that gives event organizers a means to effectively market and get more sold out events, allows event promoters (the crowd) to get rewarded for inviting people in their network to events, and event attendees to receive a loyalty reward for attending events.

We believe that creating this community of the future around the event space will create a stronger revenue generating industry for all parties involved.

KickCity Protocol For Event Marketing

The KickCity Protocol is a p2p decentralized application that will offer solutions that effectively manage Event Organizer costs for marketing their events, monitor the contributions of the crowd to the success of an event, and manage the reward distribution to the contributors (promoters) and attendees-in the form of a cash back reward system- all while avoiding 3rd party marketing/advertising platforms and preventing the use of fake tickets.

This will lead to a new source of revenue for the average person who attends and promotes events while maximizing results for the Event Organizer.

With an industry that includes a diverse and large demographic of people in various fields, industries and sectors that continues to grow, we believe that we can become a pioneer in the early widespread mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our system creates a learning curve that first rewards users with tokens and then motivates them to use these tokens for ticket purchases or to trade in exchanges.

How It Works

Each Event created has a marketing pool where event organizers can purchase and allocate KCY tokens for reward-based marketing. The reward distribution is predefined by the organizer using guidelines offered in the smart contract.

Reward based Marketing means that users are rewarded for completing certain tasks that lead to conversions of ticket sales for the event. The event organizer also determines the budget he wants to spend for the campaign in KCY tokens.

Once the campaign is launched, any user can click on the event and request a unique link for promotion and the smart contract generates the link for the user. The user can then share this link with friends, family or colleagues either by text, email or on their social networks and get rewarded when there is a conversion (ticket sale or registration). The Smart contract tracks all transactions and automatically distributes the rewards transparently using the pre-defined structure of payment already created by the Event Organizer. The smart contract can also include payments to all ticket purchasers in the form of cash back.

Tickets can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, KCY tokens and FIAT. However, rewards are paid out only in KCY Tokens.

KickCity ICO Presentation

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