Monster Byte (MBI) ICO review

Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform.

Monster Byte is a licensed B2B blockchain iGaming operator who provides an end to end compliant solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and existing gaming operators. Monster Byte offers Provably Fair Games, a risk-free Sportsbook, a cryptocurrency "bankroll as a service" and wallet solutions in both direct API access or custom-built white-label offerings.

Monster Byte is creating 250,000,000 tokens, of which 200mm are to be sold during our IEO on several exchanges in order to fund the next stage of Monster Byte’s development. In addition, we are converting all our existing non-team owned Waves-based tokens into our new EOS token (MBT) after our first IEO rounds have finished.

On a monthly basis, Monster Byte will devote a percent of its operational profits into an Incentive Fund. The Incentive Fund is strategically leveraged in a variety of different ways to ensure MBT is strategically taken out of circulation, having a deflationary effect on the total MBT supply over time, please read the whitepaper for more detail.

IEO will occur on at least two exchanges in Q4 2019; limited pre-sale is open in August 2019 with a 20% bonus. 

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